An interdisciplinary inquiry into the (post)modern game…

Vol. 1, No. 1, Summer 2012

1. “How On Earth Has He Missed That?”: Delocating Target Domains, Relocating Fernando Torres

A. Latchley

2. Against Spalletti’s Deflationism and the Wilsonian Analysis of Tactical Modality

Dez Quartz

3. Vincent Lazare: The World Cup Diaries

Arthur Ben Arfa

4. God’s Justice (De)Served: Pre-Conquest Trial by Ordeal and the Twelve Yard Penalty Kick

Thorlac St John Macclesfield

5. Il n’y a pas de hors-Giggs: Legal Liminality, Radical Erasure, and Escaping the Dribbling/Tackling Matrix

Djibril Ponte-Veccio




Backroom Staff:

Adam Lebovits

Director of Football and Barton Professor of Semiotics, University of Manchester

Steffan Blayney

Wright-Phillips Fellow in the History of Systems of Thought, École de Borussia-Mönchengladbach

Max J Muir

Team Nutritionist and Jock Stein Professor of Political Philosophy, Paris-Sorbet University

Arthur Sawbridge

Senior Lecturer in Anglo Saxon Verbs and First-team Coach, King’s College London

Alex Parsons

Head Opposition Scout and Opta Fellow in Statistical Analysis, Muamba College, Cambridge



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